Saturday, August 28, 2010

Laughter is infectious.

Had a rough start to the day. You know, like one of those that you would easily want to forget.

So I left the house angry as hell, which by the way is my trademark.
But then it is in these strange moments that i realised that you can find happiness wrapped in small packages.

I took my seat in the metro and at the next station a li'l girl came and sat next to me with her mother.
As much as i dread kids, she left no stone unturned in making me hate her. She was jumping, screaming, looking out of the window exclaiming at every passing tree- "OOH! What's that!". To top it all she was standing on the seat!
At that moment I gave her an angry stare. Why the hell was she leaning on me anyway?

But then she did a very strange thing. She looked at me, sealed her lips, and put one finger on each of her cheeks.
Now that was weird!

She did the same thing when I stared angrily at her for the second time. What a retard, I thought.
So then I asked her mother what is she doing?

Her mother started smiling and looking at her said- "She's trying to control her laughter. ise hansi aa rahi hai."

And I went- "What?!"
I looked at her and then she suddenly burst out laughing!

I tried to maintain that angry look but Alas! her laughter caught me as well.
The way she was laughing it made me laugh as well.
And was she laughing! She was literally falling on the floor! And so it became a chain.
First, she was laughing then I was, then her mother and eventually the whole coach was.

Hence I said- laughter is infectious! :)