Saturday, October 18, 2008

My identity

lost in the mad rush of life,
i'm just another person,
trying to find her space.

had heard;
if wishes were horses,
beggars would ride.
but there are no horses.

just the beggar,
watching others steal, snatch,
in trying to get what they want.

i had my principles high,
and so i am the beggar.

i've seen the king,
and i've seen the slaves.
how much time did the ing take,
to turn from slave to king is all i wonder.

last i knew he was an ordinary man,
he knew some ordinary people,
who wanted to be the king as well.

now they are the slaves.

if this is what a king is,
i'm happy to be a beggar.
but someday i hope,
i'll turn into a king,
with no slave left,
to trample over.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Walkin through the lonely street,
I look back.
I’ve been walkin alone for too long now,
Maybe I should stop.

I stop, & I look around,
But I see no-one.
People I wished were walking with me,
are long gone.

I shout for a name,
A name to cling to.
But I get no answers.
All I get is an echoing silence,
Ringing through the air.

I look up at the night sky,
How I wish darkness would soon fade away.
But I know,
This darkness is here to stay.

And So I start walking again,
Knowing it’s a walk of despair.
I look in front now,
& I again find no-one.
People I wished were walking with me,
are long gone.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Me, my sis & my dad had gone off to some place.
When we arrived at the home we had taken on rent, i got to know that the rent is really low, they'll provide us with all the food & everything.
It was a one room flat on the first floor, and the land-lords lived on the ground floor.
When we settled inside our small room, the first thing i asked dad was that how come no-one occupied this room earlier if its so cheap. Dad took it casually & said how do i know.. must be something..
Then the night fell, & we all went to sleep. Since it was a single room, so we had got a folding spread out in the room, & my sis & me slept on it, while my dad slept on the bed.
When everything was still & we had peacefully gone off to sleep, i suddenly heard voices. To be precise, i heard a lady singing in a haunting voice in our room!!!
We were sleeping with quilts spread out all over our head, & so i peeped out from inside to take a look.
What i saw was a lady standing inside our room, in a white saree.
i was alomst dead!
i dont know how i got a bit courage & I whispered to my dad: Dad, there's someone in our room!!"
Dad said-"Stop imagining things & go back to sleep."
& so i tried to stay still listening hard to that haunting voice & also keeping a look at her.
But then what happened froze me! At the next instant what happened was that lady looked at the place where i was lying and decide to come towards me. i thought i am dead!!
She stood next to where my head was. i froze! and i closed my eyes in terror.
She lightly lifted the quilt, and peeped inside. I thought if i act as if i'm sleeping & i havent seen her then she might go away.
& that is exactly what happened. She saw my eyes closed, gave one last fleeting look, & went away.
For a few seconds I couldnt gather up my strength to say anything!!
I was too happy to be alive.... & started thanking god with all my might!!
& while i was chanting God's name i heard bells ringing around me. i felt as if God himself is here to save me!! To give me strentgh!!
The bells started getting louder & louder.... and i heard voices and then i realised I was in my room sweating profusley with the alarm clock ringing at its top-most voice.....
I thought oh! Thankgod it was dream!!

But then, was it really?? Keep wondering, while i myslef try to figure it out..... ;)