Saturday, October 18, 2008

My identity

lost in the mad rush of life,
i'm just another person,
trying to find her space.

had heard;
if wishes were horses,
beggars would ride.
but there are no horses.

just the beggar,
watching others steal, snatch,
in trying to get what they want.

i had my principles high,
and so i am the beggar.

i've seen the king,
and i've seen the slaves.
how much time did the ing take,
to turn from slave to king is all i wonder.

last i knew he was an ordinary man,
he knew some ordinary people,
who wanted to be the king as well.

now they are the slaves.

if this is what a king is,
i'm happy to be a beggar.
but someday i hope,
i'll turn into a king,
with no slave left,
to trample over.


THE HUB said...

nice one.

loved the last stanza

SPECTRUM said...

thanks :)