Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sound of wind

I didn't know the sound of wind sounds so good.
Sometimes you need time for what the pundits would call it "introspection".
I was on the roof, headphones on.
I could feel the wind blowing, and banging against my ears and headphones it sounded different.
*swish.. swish...
Though it sounds kiddish but it was like somebody talkin to you.
On normal days I would have been really afraid. (I have had an excess of The 3 Grudges, Dead Silence and Paranormal Activity!)
But this time it was different. It might as well have been the wind talking to me, I wouldn't know.
But it sure did made me turn my music off.And somehow the sound of wind sounded more musical than the music in my phone. I was on the edge of the roof (No, I wasn't going to jump off) and I could see quite some distance.
Looking down made me feel I could fly.. Like you have those images as kids. I remember watching Shaktiman made a lot of kids believe that if they fall he's going to come flying and save them.
But nah! This wasn't about somebody saving me.
This was about feeling liberated.
Like one of those moments when you're by yourself. You can't think of a solution but at that moment you don't think of the problem as well.
You've lost the world but you've found yourself.
Although it's just a moment but it makes up for all your lifetime...


Sharky said...

Hmmm...we need 2 talk :) Hope u've been fine....awfully long time between ur last 2 posts

SPECTRUM said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. Guess i forgot either how to write or that i had a blog :-P

санжог said...

It does feel great...nice to see you blogging again...missed you bhindi

SPECTRUM said...

thanks :)

sushma said...

talent .....i must say:) nice work yaar

SPECTRUM said...

Thanks a lot sush! :)